About us

Three sisters, following in our parents footsteps, by bringing the best in vintage and fusion clothing to all from the heart of Portobello Road. 

Since we were kids, we were extremely lucky to have grown up with such fashion forward parents. They practically tailored our clothing for all of our childhood and would always ensure we dressed our best. Although this started for us in the 90s, the story goes much further back and started for our dad in the 70s.

It was in 1976, that our dad started his first clothing stall in Kensington Market in London. Importing goods from across Asia, our dad's brand began to grow, as did the demand! From here he decided to set up a shop on Portobello Road, the hub of all things multicultural and colourful.

A staple on Portobello Road and in the local community itself, our dad continued to grow his business and brand from his love of fashion, and with the help of our mum, has successfully supplied fashion retailers, the West End, A-listers and even Royalty!

So now, as the next generation, we want to continue to bring our family’s passion, love for vintage fashion, and the heart of Portobello Road to you. This is how Generation Vintage was born.

Follow along for our latest adventures and to stay up to date on our latest stock.


A little more about each of us

I’m Sajni and I’m the youngest sister in this little venture. I grew up going to Portobello Road market every Saturday, chatting to customers at my dad’s shop and spending summers working there. I am so proud of the business my parents set up and I'm so grateful to be learning from them. We absolutely love sourcing these vintage items, and we have sneakily been keeping some items for ourselves as it’s just too difficult to part with them all - I love this velvet top, it fits me so perfectly it would be a crime not to keep it!!


I'm Bansi and I'm the middle sister here at Generation Vintage. You can usually find me rummaging through rails of clothing and begging Sajni and Sonal to let me keep the clothes instead of selling them 🤷‍♀️

I've been wearing our vintage clothes since I could crawl, from baby kaftan tops to mini skirts in my teens and now everything I lay my eyes on! I'm obsessed with midi skirts at the moment, and you can usually find me teaming them with my Dr. Martens and a cosy jumper to keep warm!

Of course the skirt I'm wearing here is one of ours. 


I’m Sonal, the eldest sister 😊 and I too was dressed in vintage clothing since I was a baby 👶🏽 (courtesy of my parents, of course!)

Since lockdown you can usually find me in comfortable cheesecloth shirts and velvet blouses! The best way to mix comfort and being dressed up, in my opinion.

Right now I’m wearing an Generation Vintage sheer sleeve blouse, attempting to dress up with nowhere to go! All these clothes still deserve to be worn, even if it’s just on my daily walk! 🚶🏽‍♀️