Velvet is back baby!

The recurring trend for velvet is back again! Velvet is one of our favourite materials and it seems to make a reappearance in top trends each year, especially in the colder months and festive periods. Unlike most fashion trends, this one doesn’t tire - so investing in some gorgeous velvet numbers are sure wardrobe staples. 

According to global fashion search platform Lyst, searches for “velvet” have been up by 30% month-on-month - not unusual for this time of year, but they have noticed that lockdown has bolstered velvet’s supremacy even more.

But why is velvet such a timeless trend? 

Well, it adds effortless luxe to any style. Even with a year like 2020 where most of us have spent more time in our homes than showing off our style out & about we’re still looking for that soft fabric to make us feel glam. The fabric itself ounces shine and regality. A velvet top, dress or jacket is also an easy way to ‘dress up without the effort’ when on all those virtual meet-ups and virtual office Christmas parties. 

Not only that, but the fabric itself is also cosy and warm - ideal for Autumn and Winter wear. Plus the many rich, deep and luxurious colours of velvet garments just seems to work whatever the occasion - everyday, off to the shops, a celebration or even something in-between. 

We’ve curated plenty of velvet vintage gems for you at Generation Vintage LDN, take a look on our shop and see if anything catches your eye!

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