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Midi skirts: the most versatile item in our wardrobe

The midi skirt has absolutely become the wardrobe’s best friend - whether for summer days to wear with sandals or autumn vibes to team up with your favourite boots. Or even relaxed style with comfy trainers. Pleated, printed, plain, embellished...midi skirts have become one of our favourite versatile outfit options for sure! And it looks as though many of you agree too.  And the best thing about them? They flatter every height, size and shape!  So how should you wear a midi skirt? However you like really! But here are some of our favourite ways to style the midi skirt: Pair your midi skirt with a tight-fitting vest top and your favourite sandals ready for soaking in the summer sun Pop...

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How to wear a waistcoat when you’re not attending a formal

Who said waistcoats were just for formal occasions? Much like Sophia in one of our favourite TV shows ‘Girlboss’, vintage waistcoats are an elegant part of any outfit - formal or everyday. Wear it on it’s own and jeans, team it with a t-shirt for a more relaxed style or add an embellished one to a plain outfit to make it pop and bring some fun to the wear.  We remember our other sister wearing a smart tux-style fitted Kate Moss x Topshop waistcoat on top of blouses and t-shirts, teamed with her fave pair of denim jeans for a smart casual look during her early 20s.  Kate Moss has often been papped wearing a waistcoat for both casual and...

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Let’s make outfit rewearing the norm

It’s so easy to jump on a fashion trend, buy a cheap (or expensive) new outfit, wear it once and then be discouraged to wear it again because ‘people have already seen you in it’ or ‘there’s a photo of you wearing it on Instagram’. But this shouldn’t be the case. We NEED to move away from this idea.  If you love an outfit, why shouldn’t you re-wear it?!  Vintage fashion shows us that the same pieces can be worn time and time again, and through the ages. It’s about style to show off, style to be proud of, and fashion that makes you feel happy and confident. Who wouldn’t want to wear outfits like that over and over? Vintage...

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