Let’s make outfit rewearing the norm

It’s so easy to jump on a fashion trend, buy a cheap (or expensive) new outfit, wear it once and then be discouraged to wear it again because ‘people have already seen you in it’ or ‘there’s a photo of you wearing it on Instagram’. But this shouldn’t be the case. We NEED to move away from this idea. 

If you love an outfit, why shouldn’t you re-wear it?! 

Vintage fashion shows us that the same pieces can be worn time and time again, and through the ages. It’s about style to show off, style to be proud of, and fashion that makes you feel happy and confident. Who wouldn’t want to wear outfits like that over and over? Vintage clothing is a great way to create a classic and timeless look and many vintage trends have been a constant trend over the years, or making a huge comeback. 


We are all about sustainable fashion and buying & selling clothing that will stand the test of time. Simple things such as looking at cost per wear instead of the actual cost of the item can really help to understand the value you will get from the piece of clothing, and often justify why spending a little more might be a good thing to curate a wardrobe you will love, will last and you will want to rewear over and over again. 

By buying vintage, you’re also reducing the load on landfills and you’re helping to reduce the demand for fast fashion. Good quality vintage clothing often lasts longer than fast fashion counterparts, cheaply mass produced to provide a low priced item for consumers. 

If you find items you love that fit your personal style, it’ll never go out of fashion.

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