How it all started

Since we were all kids, we were extremely lucky to have grown up with such fashion forward parents. They practically tailored our clothing throughout our childhood and would always ensure we dressed our best - and vintage clothing was a common theme. 

Although for us our vintage fashion influence started in the 90s, the story goes back much further and actually started with our dad in the 70s…

It was in 1976 that our dad started his first clothing business, as a stall in Kensington Market in London. Importing goods from across Asia, his brand began to grow, as did the demand! From here he decided to set up a permanent shop on Portobello Road, the hub of all things multicultural and colourful. 

Not only did his business and clothing brand became a staple of Portobello and in the local community itself, he did too. Our dad continued to grow his business through his pure love of fashion and with the help of our mum, they have successfully supplied fashion retailers, the West End, A-Listers and even royalty! 

What a brand story! And we didn’t want it to end there. As the next generation, we three sisters wanted to continue to bring our family’s passion, love for vintage fashion and the heart of Portobello Road to you. 

And this is how Generation Vintage was born. And although our venture started in the midst of the pandemic, we’ve been so grateful to all the support we’ve received from customers, friends and family as we launch and share the world of vintage fashion with you.

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